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Our Top-Notched Branding Services

How do you make real connections in a noisy world? BFM Brand Lab brings together lean, cross-disciplinary teams to tackle the big challenge facing brands today. We build digital-ready brands that are authentic, memorable, and deeply attuned to their audiences.

How We Proceed Our Branding Services

That’s how we continue our branding services;

  • We inquire about your business type.
  • Our experts create initial work drafts.
  • Review & edit the initial drafts.
  • Build a brand that represents your business in an ideal way.

Creating a Business Logo with Perfection

Consumers see more logos today than ever before, but they only remember a select few. Great logos embody their brand, tell a unique story, speak values loudly – they stand for something.

While most brands know what they stand for, realizing their ideals in a symbol is a daunting challenge. And more than 17 years of building brands have taught us that memorable logos don’t happen by accident.

At Matrix Solutions, we have professional logo creators. Also, our logo design process is informed by high-quality research and sound strategy. Our team goes hands-on with clients to create a logo that makes an accurate impression – something your audience can rally behind and rep with pride.


Crafting Brand Collateral to Make Your Brand Stand Differently

From packaging and print to business cards and t-shirts, brand collateral is about getting your brand noticed and strengthening the bond between company and customer. Putting truly memorable collateral in the hands of your customers requires excellent design – not to mention branding worth showing off in the first place.

Matrix Solutions knows there's a lot more to creating impactful brand collateral than slapping a logo on a product as a full-service branding and marketing agency. Our designers add to your marketing toolkit with creative, eye-catching designs applied to the right products in the right way.


The Real Power of Authenticity & Precision

Consumers today are more inundated with ads, more jaded with marketing, and more sceptical of brands than ever before. Yet, the very same consumers have rocketed so many digital brands into an overnight success.

While today's customers are demanding, they still gravitate toward brands that look, speak, and act authentically. But creating a genuine brand identity – let alone one that aligns with your business goals – is a daunting task.

Here at Matrix Solutions, we know it what takes for digital brands to succeed. With an eye for storytelling and enthusiasm for strategy, our team helps companies stand out through art direction, engaging content, and a bit of soul-searching too.