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We stay very close to a range of technology partners, but we’re not married to any of them. That enables us to offer platform-agnostic recommendations without sacrificing the advantages of specialization and technical excellence.

Build the Future with Technical Advancement

Once upon a time, your tech stack was a problem for tech people. But in a digital world, technology strategy is inseparable from business strategy.

Digital leaders rely on technology platforms to enable collaboration, agility, and a customer-first mindset. As a result, technology expertise matters more than ever, but making the right tech choices is now a whole-of-business concern.

BFM excels at smartly architecting and swiftly developing experience solutions. Deploying a proprietary framework, our solutions architects define and create optimal solutions, with an unshakeable focus on business efficiency, user experience and business need.

We Develop Websites That Ignite Your Business

Your website represents your brand. And a site that's slow, unreliable, or hard to use is a website that customers and prospects will avoid. Unfortunately, internal teams also suffer when small website changes are agonizingly slow, and significant changes are out of the question.

Yet starting a web development project feels daunting, so businesses often feel stuck with the status quo, risking missed opportunities and competitive disadvantage.

We are the finest and professional Website Development Company. With over 17 years of experience developing upon the top CMS platforms and a well-honed project management process, Matrix Solutions builds high-performing sites across a wide range of industries. We’ve overcome all kinds of challenges for our clients, helping achieve some exceptional results in the process.

Building Smarter Applications for Smart Users

Apps have fueled disruption, creating and transforming industries. But, in the process, they've made complex organizational problems – like curating vast amounts of content or providing transportation on demand – seem effortless.

But in reality, behind every "simple" app is robust technology architecture and immaculate code engineered to deliver a seamless experience.

Whether you're looking to create unique user experiences, streamline operations, or get an edge over competitors, BFM is the App Development Company that offers the mobile app development expertise to help you get there. We are the Solutions Architecture & leveraging our technical talents and strategic insights; we deliver rich experiences that spur brand growth.

Blurring the Gap between Creativity and Technology-The Finest eCommerce Development Company

eCommerce businesses know that user experience and revenue go hand in hand. When users find shopping hard, slow, or confusing, they don't convert, and you don't get paid.

That’s why your eCommerce site should be working hard for you – streamlining your business and making shopping effortless. But without a well-developed site, you’re trying to build a great experience on shaky foundations.

With over 17 years in the business, Matrix Solutions has developed more than our share of high-performing eCommerce sites. We are the pro eCommerce Development Company & we focus on delivering experience users love so that you can get products off your shelves and into buyers' carts.

Our NextGen Technology Development Process

We merge design thinking and an empathy-driven approach to create powerful and memorable experiences – ones that delight customers and fuel business growth.

That’s why your eCommerce site should be working hard for you – streamlining your business and making shopping effortless. But without a well-developed site, you’re trying to build a great experience on shaky foundations. Our Next GenPartnerships enables customers to experience technical advancement.

Preliminary Audience + Competitor Research

Addressing customer and market needs

Powerful user experiences hinge on knowing your audience. So we help you find business challenges that might be solved with AR, VR, MR, or voice-enabled technologies, as well as the opportunities that emerge as a result.

When we find them, we study your market meticulously, exploring every nuance of customer attitudes, behaviour, and interests to find where customer needs – practical and emotional – might intersect with today's immersive technologies.

Design Sprint

Making the impossible possible

Empathy-driven experiences come alive during the design process. Using a design thinking approach, our designers collaborate with you in 4-day sprints, bringing together strategists, designers, and members of your team to develop innovative applications of next-gen technologies.

Digital Product Prototyping

Working towards the MLP

With design thinking setting the direction, we employ an agile process to build working prototypes that undergo extensive user testing. Then, validating features and capabilities, we use this test-and-learn approach to refine the digital product and determine whether it's one people will ultimately love.

This process aims to develop a Minimum Lovable Product (MLP) – a product with functionality people will continue to use and enjoy day after day, with the least amount of effort and expense.

AR + VR + MR Development

Creating the immersive experience

During development, engineers, product managers, and UX designers continue to collaborate, building on the MLP to create a fully functional, final digital product ready for market positioning.

Whether we’re creating VR apps, AR apps, or an MR experience, our cross-disciplinary team can rapidly develop and scale digital products for commercial application.

Voice-Enabled Product Development

Voice has the potential to deliver intuitive and practically frictionless experiences. Our lean innovation approach enables us to get voice-enabled products into customer's hands quickly and refine them iteratively. We use our time-tested design thinking process to create user-centric experiences that help people perform tasks, find information, and get assistance.

Partnerships + Content Management Systems

In the digital era, businesses need to move faster and with more flexibility. But having an agile mindset isn't enough. You also need the technology to execute your ideas.

That’s why selecting and building on the right platform is critical. And it’s why Matrix Solutions partners with so many industry-leading Content Management Systems providers and other technology partners. We help you choose a solution from among the industry's best and follow through with a specialist implementation team that knows your chosen platform inside and out.

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