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While coding, the programmer performs some tests on that unit of the program to know if it is error-free. Testing is performed under the white-box testing approach. Unit testing helps developers decide that individual units of the program are working as per requirement and are error-free.

Software Integration Testing-Validates, all of the Units, Work Together

Even if the software units are working fine individually, there is a need to determine if the units, if integrated, would also work without errors. For example, argument passing and data updating etc. We offer Integration services to determine whether units are intergraded without an error.


How we Provide Integration Testing Services?

Here’s how we do the entire process;

  • Review design documents and other functional requirements
  • Analyze unit testing plans and results
  • Perform aggregate module tests using the most suitable method of Integration testing services.

System Testing Services & its Real Significance

In System testing, the software is compiled as a product and tested as a whole. This can be accomplished using one or more of the following tests:

Functionality testing - Tests all functionalities of the software against the requirement.

Performance testing - This test proves how efficient the software is. It tests the effectiveness and average time taken by the software to do the desired task. Performance testing is done using load testing and stress testing, where the software is put under high user and data load under various environmental conditions.

Security & Portability - These tests are done when the software is meant to work on various platforms and is accessed by several persons.

User Acceptance Testing Services-Makes End Product Useful for End Users

When the software is ready to hand over to the customer, it has to go through the last phase of testing to test for user interaction and response. This is important because even if the software matches all user requirements and does not like how it appears or works, it may be rejected.

Alpha testing - The team of developers themselves perform alpha testing using the system as if it is being used in the work environment. They try to find out how a user would react to software and how the system should respond to inputs.

Beta testing - After the software is tested internally, it is handed over to the users to use under their production environment only for testing purposes. This is not as yet the delivered product. Developers expect that users at this stage will bring minute problems, which were skipped to attend.

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